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Khi Bạn Gái Bị Hôi Nách | H&M CHANNEL

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Quỳnh Trúc : Chị bạch my giả làm người yêu của anh lê hùng đi
Nguyễn Nhật Linh : Cái này hồi nhỏ hay chơi
Thị Xuân Bùi : E ở ngoài nhìn lúc nó nổ ko cũng thấy thum thủm
châu nguyễn :
Quang Huy : mùi cống

H&M In store music playlist - August 2020 (74 minutes)

New songs added to the official H\u0026M store playlist in August 2020.

H\u0026M 2020 playlist with separate tracks: https://bit.ly/2S4Wo1T

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to any of these songs.
Lise Janssens : When is September (& October) coming? :)
NEELO : I’m trying to find the song called “ free your mind” from their advert
Darryl Theios : i was trying clothes n was feeling myself with the song too and forgot to shazam..now im stuck finding the song:(
Allysa Marie Garcia : Some lyrics from the chorus of the song is 'I guess we're pretending it's never ending" kind of old 80's slow song vibes. Singer is a woman
Shivam Sri : Hi iam shibbu from desi records music label we have business deal for you we provide you earnings from your channel with audio/video claiming Process and pay 80 persent of generated revenew to you and we take 20 persent are you intrested? We dont need any kind of channels details or access.

                           Desi Records


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Shirley McGrath : Josie, when you were reapplying your makeup , your chin is so tiny and it takes away from your otherwise attractive face. I noticed in several profile pics in the Bentley as well. You may want to consult a plastic surgeon for a chin implant, I as sure that you would be pleased with the outcome. Just a suggestion in kind
wendy brookes : It’s your powder room, lower the mirrors. That is what happens when taller folks make the decisions..lol.
kate forsyth : Pro tip for quartz counters: there are polymers in quartz so a hot pan or oven dish can mark the counter. If you put out trivets for renters and leave a note of explaining they can’t put hot things directly on the counter you’ll avoid damage.
Merry Walsh : Dearest Josie, stop touching the front of your mask. Adjust it from the sides, if you must. Sincerely, your loyal and adoring nurse follower. ❤️ The cottage faucet will look sooo good in your kitchen also.
Monica Callow : Wow, love the Bentley!!




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