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Loading Price Gun Labels into an MX5500-EOS Price Gun

Since a lot of people struggle to understand the instructions in the box, we thought we'd put together a quick instructional video showing how to load Price Gun Labels into an MX5500-EOS Price Gun. This video also contains a few tips and tricks which will help make loading labels much easier and quicker. For more information and to buy online visit
Things That Work : I spent 20 minutes screaming at this thing going back and forth around the front spooler, in and out of the slats, etc. I had no idea you just pulled through and shut it. SIMPLE! argh. Good thing I had about 6 loads of stickers so I didn't feel so bad wasting so many with my feeble attempts before I found this video. Thank you so much for posting!
Colby Genecco : WOW - can't believe I stumbled across this video so easily when trying to reload our labels!!! Thank you for going *slow*, very concise and easy to understand. Bookmarking this for next time we need to change - Lord knows I won't remember, even with how simple it is Thank you thank you thank you!!
Ash Alansari : Thanks for the video! Now it's working great. I'm amazed how the ink cap is still working after over 3yrs not touching it!
Karollyne Ramos : Muito bom! A máquina aqui no trabalho estava parada, e vendo o video me ajudou bastante! Thankyou
Karollyne Ramos : Muito bom! A máquina aqui no trabalho estava parada, e vendo o video me ajudou bastante! Thankyou

슬약3.직원교육1-가격표시기(MX-5500) 롤지 교체방법(팁;5칸 절약하기)

의외로 처음할때 어려워 하는 사람 많음. 특히 기계랑 안 친한 사람.
민도르 : 지금 알바중인데 덕분에 쉽게 해결했어요 감사합니다❤️
가가멜 : 유튜브덕에 많은걸 해결하게 되네요
김준현 : 알바 하다가 라벨기 고장내서 난감했는데
덕분에 고쳤읍니다. 감사합니다.
꽁냥이 : 오늘 알바하다가 이 영상이랑 똑같이했는데두 안되더라구요. 그렇게 2시간 애먹다 해결했어요ㅜ
그래도!! 이 영상 없었으면 갈피를 못잡아서 힘들었을거에요 감사합니다
Joon Beom Park : 난처했는데 해결했습니다

Motex® NEW MX-5500 Loading & Maintenance Instructions

Use the coupon code "K18B1G1" at the time of checkout to get a free pack of labels with the purchase of 1 or more packs!

Product Page Link:\u0026sku=MX5500

Motex® NEW MX-5500 Loading and Maintenance Instructions - Kenco® Label is your number one source for label and marking merchandise. This video from Kenco® will help you learn how to load, adjust, and maintain your Motex® MX-5500. You will also learn how to change the ink roller. For more information on these products, visit us at or call 1-800-86-KENCO.

Video Key:

Get to know your label gun - 0:26
Loading your label gun - 1:40
Adjusting the dial - 2:43
Changing the ink roller - 3:27
Adjusting the print location - 4:28
Labeling an item - 5:15
Janet Gray : Super helpful, easy to follow, clear instructions including some maintenance tips which was really appreciated. This was definitely the best self-help video I found in my search. Great job! Thank you!
Andrejs Kazakovs : like from me bro, as someone already said you saved my time. i used to disassemble and assemble back. BUT i never knew you can regulate it so easy! Thank you sir!
Karen Gill : Thank you so much for explaining this! I have a slightly different style of the gun in your tutorial just more squared not rounded and no clear cover part but the threading worked the same I was so confused before now I am not!
bonnie91tw : Very detailed and useful!!! Thank you so much.
mike gunthner : thank you for the video, I had a hard time figuring it out myself with no directions.. my sister and mom has two of them and gave it to fill the ink and pricing stickers to work on...




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