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Alta Sociedad - Relación peligrosa | Yuksek Sosyete

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Kerem, el único hijo de una familia veterana que le crió con muchas dificultades,
Cansu, una chica nació en cuna de oro, es infeliz a pesar de la vida luja que vive.

Producción: Bi Yapım
Director: Metin Balekoğlu
Guión: Yazı Odası


Cansu: Hazar Ergüçlü
Kerem: Engin Öztürk
Ece: Meriç Aral
Mert: Ozan Dolunay
Süreyya: Zuhal Olcay
Metin: Hakkı Ergök
Bedia: Aliye Uzunatağan
Yılmaz: Taner Barlas
Ayşen: Hülya Gülşen Irmak
Işıl: Ceyda Tepeliler
Begüm: Gülşah Çomoğlu
Can: Özgün Çoban
Ercan: Yasin Çam
Şirin: Aybike Turan


Oscar Harris ~ Alta gracia

Oscar Harris ~ Alta gracia
Painter:©Fabian Perez
Lyrics :
Remember the days we used to share
Remember the time when I was there
I believed every single word you said
Just like a child I lost my head

I didn't care if it was day or night
I just wanted to have you by my side
The moon went up, the sun went down
But you were still around

Alta gracia, my love
Alta gracia, my love
Alta gracia, my love
Alta gracia, my love

Remember how we spent the night
How we kissed and held each other tight
Everything was like a beautiful dream
You were the sweetest woman I've ever seen

How could I know our love wouldn't stand a chance?
I had to go and end this wonderful romance
Now I'm so sad and blue, here without you, what can I do?
I used to love her from the bottom of my heart
Didn't realize that time was slippin' by
Now we're living oh so far apart
I give grace for the days that I held her by my side
By my side

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